Pump Driver liquid oil sachet packing machine price in Tool Parts from Tools

Pump Driver liquid oil sachet packing machine price in Tool Parts from Tools

Product Specification

Usage: Commercial Manufacture

Material: Stainless Steel

Type: Power Tool Parts

is_customized: Yes

Model Number: VFFS-LP


Continuous Roller Packaging Machine

Grain, Powder, Liquid, Paste/Sauce


  • High speed, high precision
  • Super Easy to use and maintain
  • Wide adjustable bag length, super easy and stable
  • Photo sensor adjusts the bag size within 3 bags with automatic calibration system 
  • Double inverters, stable and reliable
  • Zero maintenance 
  • Seal tight, low noise
  • Option: Date/batch printer

Technical parameter

Product Granule
Powder Liquid
Filling system Volumetric Cup Auger Pump
Bag size
L: 50-210
W: 30-100
L: 50-210
W: 30-100
L: 50-210
W: 30-100
20-80 20-80 20-80
Bag type 3 side
4 side
3 side
4 side
3 side
4 side
1-50ml 3-15ml
Air pressure N.A. N.A. 0.6-0.7mp
Power 380V 4KW 380V 4KW 380V 4KW
1400×900×1670 1400×900×1670 1400×900×1670
400 500 500




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